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Book "Wisdom in Silence" /2020/

Haiku, photography and book design - Konstantin Guz
• 104 pages
• 41 photographs
• 13 haiku in Russian, English and Japanese
• printed at Raddraaier, Amsterdam, 2020

Please send me an email if you would like to have a book and/or prints.

Wisdom in Silence is a collection of my personal stories. It’s another chapter of the previous project Stone storyteller, which has culminated in the form of a photo poetry book.
In 2019 I traveled to Japan. For a month I explored the culture and discovered new knowledge. I stayed in the small town of Takeo (Saga). I spent most of my time outside. I wandered around, contemplated, and captured the surroundings with photographs. I felt a oneness with Nature and my new environment. I was enjoying a pleasant loneliness, but I was also happy to meet very kind and hospitable people. I wanted to preserve those feelings in time. So I created a ritual. Every time I felt unity with the moment, I took one stone and wrote a haiku as a dedication to that instant. The minimalist nature of the haiku correlated with my inner emotional world, and the stone became the witness of that moment.

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