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Persowo /2021/

Persowo is the hybrid object: it’s an artwork and sound art object with the functionality of the bluetooth speaker.
This is the result of our collaboration between Krisztina Czika, who initiated the project and created mesmerising miniature paper landscape, Arthur Maduro, who designed and made beautiful wooden frames, and Konstantin Guz who curated sound related activities and composed the soundscape which connects all elements in unity. In the end it became site-specific sound installation with 6 channels = 6 audio devices individually connected to each Persowo speaker via bluetooth.
The sound composition was made in a such way that it didn't require synchronisation of all the devices. On the contrary, that idea provided the chance to create every time unique sound combinations. The sound samples came from audio recordings of the materials: paper, wood, wind, screws, cables, but also the sound of the assembling.

Soundscape recorded in HAKA building in Rotterdam.

Persowo | 6 channels sound installation
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