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Free-form flow /2021/

Free-form flow is title for the series of impromptu sound performances with found objects in domestic environment, which took place during the group exhibition in PuntWG, 7th of June 2021.
The peculiarity of the performances is that they all were recorded on vinyl in real time. All actions taken in space were recorded and cut immediately into plastic. No rehearsal, just immediate and intuitive response to the ever-growing sound collage. As the result there are 7 unique vinyls as artefacts with my abstract collages on the covers which reflect the experimental nature of each performance. With these performances I aimed to explore the possibility to create abstract sound compositions/collages with non-musical objects. Another goal was to establish and investigate personal, intuitive response towards sonic environment which connected the gallery space, an audience and myself as performer.

Free Form Flow / Recording nr. 3Konstantin Guz
00:00 / 16:22

Documentation of the performance at Punt WG (Amsterdam)

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