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Konstantin Guz is Russian born Amsterdam based artist. His current artistic practice is multidisciplinary.

It uses his solid understanding of photography as a base to experiment with different mediums such as video, sound and found objects. These various formats are also tied together through the concept of their installation in space, in both a practical and theoretical sense.


  Artist statement 

born 15 August 1983 in Tiksi, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia.
lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



• 2010-2014 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Photography/Graphic Design. Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design.
• 2001-2006 Russian Law Academy, Saint-Petersburg. Master degree.


• 2019 Every stone is storyteller; multimedia installation; Arts Itoya, Takeo, Saga, Japan.
• 2017 Untitled experiment with no image, NEVERNEVERLAND (De Punt), Amsterdam.
• 2010 photo series “Amsterdam in details” City Celebrity, Kaliningrad, Russia.


• 2021 Persowo, sound art/mixed media installation. Collab. w/Krisztina Czika, Arthur Maduro. Object Rotterdam

• 2021 Free-form flow, sound performance. Suggested cuts, PuntWG, Amsterdam

• 2020 Wisdom in Silence, photo installation. Prospects&Concepts, Art Rotterdam.
• 2019 Co-i
ncide: Image meets Sound, a/v performance in collab. w/Kateryna Snizhko, Ira Melkonyan, UNSEEN, Amsterdam.
• 2019 Portable homelands. Collab. w/L. Matyunina, video, photo collage; Artist's home exhibition, Amsterdam.
• 2019 Alma di Isla, a/v installation. 'Mitico' at Ateliers'89, Oranjestad, Aruba.
• 2018 "About 761 miles per hour", Baltic sonic experience, soundscape presentation, listening session at MixTree, Amsterdam.
• 2018 "w serves imperialism", Untitled experiment with no image, screening, W139, Amsterdam.
• 2017 Ongon: Journey to Buryatia, video installation, happylucky no.1, New York.
• 2017 The Link Art Center, Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia, Italy.
• 2016 Ongon: Journey to Buryatia, video installation, CCI Fabrika, Moscow.
• 2016 "Gym of Obsolete Technology", video installation, W139, Amsterdam.
• 2016 Object NG-2013-19, screening at Rijksmuseum. Part of the "Seventeen Playgrounds" by D. Kollarova/A.van Lingen.
• 2015 Monthly Payment, alternative exhibition project, video work, Amsterdam.
• 2015 Prirodovedenie (Nature Study), photo/video, ArtVorota, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2015 Show want you want show, Platform Platvorm, Bart invites, Amsterdam.
• 2015 Imaginary Friends, Facebook reading, group performance, Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam.
• 2014 "Flash Expo" by Stichting Amsterdam Photo, photo installation, Cultuurhuis Diamantslijperij, Amsterdam.
• 2014 Graduation show, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.
• 2014 Self-flow, photo installation, OpenBorder photography festival, St.Jozef kerk, Amsterdam.
• 2014 Swing, object/installation, My Joy, ArtGeneva, Geneva, Switzerland.
• 2013 Adaptation, site specific participatory installation, No Land's Men, De Punt, Amsterdam.
• 2013 Cultural exchange, Holland-Russia, art space "Chetvert", St. Petersburg.
• 2013 "Untersicht" group show, site specific photo installation in HFBK, Hamburg.
• 2013 Installation for SOTU festival, Amsterdam.
• 2012 "White cube" Ukrop group performance, Kunstvlaai,festival of independents, Amsterdam.
• 2012 "Static Electricity" Ukrop group show, curator/artist, deSlang, Amsterdam.
• 2012 "Collect up", sculpture/installation, HENK art&music festival, Amsterdam.
• 2012 "Game", performance, Fraskati theater, Amsterdam.
• 2012 “Peaceful Aggression”, photographic posters, Open Atelier Jordaan, Amsterdam.
• 2011 Art Labyrinth UKROP, open-air gallery, curator, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2011 “Limitation within Opportunities”, Ukrop exhibition, Amsterdam.
• 2011 “Types in space”, typographic show at P/////ACT, Amsterdam.
• 2011 “Identity”, Ukrop exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania.
• 2011 “Kombinacje”, Ukrop exhibition, Amsterdam.
• 2010 “Amber c*ck”, festival of actual art, curator, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2010 “Synthesis”, noise festival, installation, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 City One Minute (Amsterdam) workshop, “Notning just rain” video, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 “Life” festival, photo series, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 Minimal art festival, installation (objects), curator, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 “Amber Chamber” art & music festival, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 International photo workshop, photo series, Torun, Poland.
• 2009 “World day of cotton wool”, photo series, CS Alternative, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 “I am protesting”, photo series “Subcultures”, Kaliningrad, Russia.


• 2017 Fluidity. Collage triptych. Parking Lot #3.
• 2015 Vita Contemplativa. Photo diptych. Platform Platvorm.


• 2020 Field Kitchen Academy, Wüsten Buchholz, Germany

• 2019 Audiotalaia sound art camp, Ilzarbe, Spain

• 2019 Arts Itoya, Takeo, Japan

• 2019 Ateliers'89, Oranjestad, Aruba

• 2018 Nida art colony / work retreat, Lithuania

• 2017 Cassis art residency, France


• 2020 Mondriaan Corona time support fund

• 2018-2019 Mondriaan Young Talent

• 2017 AFK Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Untitled experiment with no image, solo exhibition at Neverneverland, Amstedam.


UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation (Sandberg Instituut) organize workshops all over the globe to give youngsters between the ages of 12 - 21 a chance to create their own one minute videos.
Countries visited, filmed and worked in:
- Dobropillia, Ukraine. March, 2017
- Severodonetsk, Ukraine. April, 2017
- Volnovakha, Ukraine. June, 2017


• 2015 Collage tournament and collective abstractionism, organizer, 4bid gallery, OT301, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• 2014 Art and landscape architecture, participant, Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey

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