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Artist statement

My current artistic practice is multidisciplinary.

It uses my solid understanding of photography as a base to experiment with different mediums such as video, sound and found objects. These various formats are also tied together through the concept of their installation in space, in both a practical and theoretical sense. Methodologically, my approach towards this research is rooted in contemplation, its variations as a cognitive activity and its implementation as a direct bearing on my chosen subject matter, which has evolved with my practice. I am inspired by natural phenomena; I work with abstract shapes that channel my artistic ideas into multiple pathways whilst preserving an underlying unity in harmony and composition. My work has grown from strict notions of compositions and what they entail, specifically connected to theories of Russian Constructivism, to a more fluid understanding of nature that aims to access and investigate intuition.
My work is ideologically structured on concepts of minimalism and simplicity/purity of form. Abstraction is a means to confront the viewer with “being and nothingness”. The space between these two opposites creates fluidity between them, which allows the work to remain versatile and subjective while still providing an opening for different dimensions of understanding. Specifically, this is channeled into larger themes, the one I’m most interested in now being our connection

to nature at the contemporary moment of overall digitalisation. I use digital tools to help capture, process and illustrate my interpretation of nature and its tensions in how we think, act and make in this current age of digitalisation. I consider my artistic practice as the meeting point between the artificial and the natural, an investigation of a potential “third nature”.

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