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Multimedia installation:

13 found stones, 13 haiku written on washi paper, wooden table, sand, sound in the exhibition space in a loop.

Every stone is storyteller

In silence his wisdom




Takeo soundscape
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In 2019 I traveled to Japan. For a month I explored the culture and discovered new knowledge. I stayed in the small town of Takeo (Saga). I spent most of my time outside. I wandered around, contemplated, and captured the surroundings with photographs. I felt a oneness with Nature and my new environment. I was enjoying a pleasant loneliness, but I was also happy to meet very kind and hospitable people. I wanted to preserve those feelings in time. So I created a ritual. Every time I felt unity with the moment, I took one stone and wrote a haiku as a dedication to that instant. The minimalist nature of the haiku correlated with my inner emotional world, and the stone became the witness of that moment.

The project realized during art residency Arts Itoya.
Supported by Mondriaan Young Talent Fund.

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