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Untitled experiment #3
3-channel audiovisual installation.

At this video 3 channels are mixed together to one-screen version.
HD video, 07 min 01 sec, loop, stereo sound.

One minute audiovisual work.

Video/Sound: Konstantin Guz


Untitled experiment with no image /2017/


The project aims to explore the boundaries of contemporary photography.
It's an investigation into the potential of the digital image and the virtual environment; the image and the non-image within digital and material frameworks. It’s an inquiry within the virtual environment of programming, where transparency functions as the fundamental subject of this visual research. It’s the process of producing image fully digitally where the act of looking through the camera is absent. The visible, lowest and fundamental “transparent layer” in Photoshop, triggered me to investigate the relation between virtual appearance, virtual body, and virtual representation and its possible exits to physical existence. In opposition to physical reality, where the presence of light is vital to experience transparency, in the virtual environment it is a functional imitation.

What can we call the transparent layer if we still are able to see it but not what is behind it?

Does it carry the assumed function of "looking through”?
Those correlations between the virtual appearance and a physical existence are leading themes of this examination.

The central work of the solo exhibition, 3-channel audiovisual installation results from collaboration between Konstantin Guz and the Amsterdam-based composer and sound artist Natalia Dominguez Rangel. The collaboration initiated by Konstantin is one of the few propositions for the materialization of the virtual existence of the image.
Parallel to the installation, other propositions and etudes was presented as in a site-specific installation and digital prints. 

“Untitled experiment with no image” by Konstantin Guz was supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. (AFK)

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