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Portable homelands /2019/

Multimedia installation. 

2-channel HD video, 7m:1s, stereo sound, synced loop.

Digital collage applied on photographs from personal archives.

We are Lyubov Matyunina and Konstantin Guz, we are visual artists and the family.

We left our motherland Russia behind and rooted in the new country, the Netherlands, which became our homeland.

This experience inspired us for creating such project that tells about the concept of home, language and identity.
Is it possible to keep your identity in this globalised and multinational world? How has our perception of home changed?
The multimedia installation involves conversations with our parents and photographs from family archives. Looking at the personal history of two families you can see how it reflects the universal history of every family.


Music by Eugeniy Milovanov
Project supported by Wilhelmina E.Jansen Fonds & AFK

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