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2-channel HD video installation, 21 min. 35 sec.
Concept: Abraham Brody and Konstantin Guz
Music: Abraham Brody
Cinematography & Edit: Konstantin Guz
Sound engineer: George Thomson


Ongon: Journey to Buryatia /2016/

In the summer of 2016 musician and performance artist Abraham Brody and multi-media artist Konstantin Guz traveled together to Buryatia to research the rituals and traditions of Buryat Shamans in South-East Siberia (Russia).
As the result they created video installation which bring the the audience from daily life routine to mystical world of shamans and beautiful surrounding of Baikal lake.

Ongon, (buryat language) are the souls of one's ancestors and spirits that inhabit sacred places in nature, such as mountains, trees, rivers, lakes. The Buryat people of Southeastern Siberia have some of the most ancient traditions in the world. Shamans use the power of drums and songs to travel to other worlds and communicate with spirits. By speaking with the Ongon and, sometimes letting them take over their bodies, shamans heal people, resolve problems and seek blessings.

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