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Site-specific participatory installation / ongoing performance.

Wood, metal, 47cmx19cm

Swing /2014/

Many poems and stories dedicated to unpredictable and peculiar character of Russian people. Absurd and contradiction are inherent  of our life. Good and bad, happiness and suffering, richness and poor, up and down. | like my country but at the same time hate it’s political situation; I’m very proud of my culture but often disappointed seeing lack of education; there is some ways of self realisation but it's facing obstacles in the form of our laziness and fears.
There is always but.

Swinging as action is nicely depicting Russian way of living. Every new day could bring you new problems that you couldn't foresee. Our situation is unstable, there is no solid ground underneath and society always ready for unexpected.
Well done swing allows you to enjoy the freedom of movement. My swing shows this limitation and necessity to struggle, stupidity of situation and useless work I’ve done.

"С умом задумано, да без ума сделано"

"With mind conceived but without mind done"

Russian proverb

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