Site-specific installation

Tiksi---Orel---Kirov---Kaliningrad---St. Petersburg---Kaliningrad---Amsterdam

I was born in the north of Yakutia republic in Siberia, in small town Tiksi. Now I live in Amsterdam thousands kilometers away from my original homeland. First my parents were moving for better life and then naturally life kept me rolling from one place to another, every time offer new home. Cities and places were playing with me. Counted roughly, I moved myself 18 times during my 30-age history. Changing places use a lot of energy and efforts and it’s important to stop from time to time and settle down and try to adopt yourself-your body and soul into new environment. Adaptation takes time and needs in extra ability of personality to fit in new context of life. Every human being trying to find and organize certain place for a living, turn empty space into home where he can revitalize his soul and mind. Literally let’s say everybody heeds at least his corner, where you feel comfortable and free. But to “fit” every time into new corner and make it good for being there I personally had to find individual solution. New cities, places, people-all made me think more flexible and trying to find efforts to change myself under these circumstances. Past experience gives me awareness and self-confidence in solving these problems. Now I use and apply my knowledge in artistic practice showing my principle of finding effective solutions by situational thinking and improvisation based on previous experience.

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