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Site-specific photo installation.

Inkjet print 1mx1,5m, wood, buckets with stones, daylight fluorescent lamp.

Selected photographs from the project.

Self flow /2014/

It’s not a secret that Nature and Human are interconnected and influence each other. Natural power impresses us; sometimes we obey it, other time we using it for our purposes. Landscape and environment dictate their rules and leave traces on human activity and mental state. The more diverse and wild nature around the more it evokes unusual way of thinking and feelings. Everyone who travelled to Russia noticed many absurd situations in every day life and not ordinary views there: certain objects not placed in a way it supposed to be, unfinished work, unusual method of working process. Important to mention that all these things are unbelievably creative and simply done. I can assume it happening while people facing cruel reality with a lot of responsibility and limitation (time, skills, education, knowledge) and they choose the easiest way of doing things. It reminds how lighting making zigzag goes through the sky in order to have less resistance or look for example how river flows. I won’t ignore also people’s laziness as substantial factor for demotivation. But in the same way laziness could provoke alternative way of thinking and making decisions. Human becomes like nature with its simple rules and organic way of existence and starts thinking intuitively. Clashing together they produce together unique result full of unpredictability and dissonance and create picture that can strike from the first sight.
The name of this project in English sounds unusual and was created by me. I couldn’t find equivalent of Russian “samotyok” in many dictionaries. Using my intuition and by simple construction of two separated words I got new definition: “self-flow”, which quite good describe the idea behind photographs.

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