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Sound installation.

Ice with essential sage oil, sieve, heating element, hot stones.

Waiting room /2020/


With Waiting room I explored the question of time and the interconnectivity of things. A deeper layer in the work is about how we individually relate to time and our experience of it. How does a sense of waiting affect us? Is the time between two drops just an instant or is it a test for patience? In this installation a drop of melted ice, flavoured with sage oil, is falling down on hot stone and disappearing. The smell of the evaporated drop is spreading around, gradually fills the space and reaches the nose of the viewer. Once a person is in a room, they naturally enter a state of observation, of waiting, awareness of the passing of time and of the moment itself. The warmer the room becomes, the gap between drops decreases.

The size of the drop is also changing thus creating every time slightly different sound when touching the hot stone.

With Waiting room I wanted to create a minimalist environment that evokes a meaningful experience, that provides the space for contemplation and an inward experience.

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