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Inner Garden /2023/         
work in progress, project description might change

Inner Garden is the series of photographs of natural arrangements. I have always loved to create collages. My earliest art experiments mostly centered around this technique. I remember my first feeling when I saw dada artworks. I like collages for their spontaneity and ability to evoke intuition. Last year, I started practicing bonsai and step by step, I discovered the whole world of Japanese botanical/natural arts and the interconnection of different kinds of it. Then I decided to make my first flower arrangement, ikebana. I love this art as it is, but I am the kind of person who always likes to experiment and push the boundaries of the medium. And here it is: one of my newest natural compositions with found natural objects. The whole process of assembling teaches me to be patient, accurate, careful, focused, mindful, contemplative, attentive, and present at the moment - all that is needed to calm the mind and feel the joy of life!

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