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Beside my individual artist practice I dedicate time to other projects where I:

- collaborate,
- offer professional art documentation,
- work on creative assignment. 

I have experience of fruitful and efficient co-operation with various international artists, institutions and organisations.

My current interests and the fields where I’m competent are: art, nature, music, architecture.
I do photography, work as cinematographer/videographer, experienced with video/sound editing and colour correction.
Whatever I do I make it with all my passion and dedication. 

selected video art documentation is  here and there
selected photo art documentation is here and Instagram 

To ask a quote, bookings and other question please send me an email

The organisations and artists I had pleasure to worked with:
International Rotterdam Film festival, Into The Great Wide Open festival, CineSonic, Cracking the Frame festival, Current Obsession, De Appel, De Correspondent, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Sandberg Instituut, Onsbank, Württembergische Kunstverein Stuttgart, WOW Amsterdam, Sonic Acts, Dark Ecology, Thank Eve, Rijksmuseum, Fons Welters gallery, S1 gallery, Get Lost art route, One Minutes Jr., Driton Selmani, ENKA, Lyubov Matyunina, Olivia le Roux, Katia Krupennikova, Mirko Lazović, Merel Noorlander, Rosa Sijben, Ruttger Muller, Susan Kooi, Vincent Knopper, Abraham Brody, Boora, Fetter, Bernhard Hollinger, Neutral Ground Brass BandAnia Drupka, Dennisa Kollarowa, Anna van Lingen, Boi Akih, Bowrain, Ensemble Zerafin, Sonia Kazovsky, Andre Chapatte, Andy Woortman, German Popov, Driewieler Collectief, Spinifex and many others!

This page is continuously upgrading 

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