Konstantin Guz is Russian born Amsterdam based artist. His current artistic practice is multidisciplinary.

It uses his solid understanding of photography as a base to experiment with different mediums such as video, sound and found objects. These various formats are also tied together through the concept of their installation in space, in both a practical and theoretical sense.


  Artist statement 

born 15 August 1983 in Tiksi, Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia.
lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



• 2010-2014 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Photography/Graphic Design. Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design.
• 2001-2006 Russian Law Academy, Saint-Petersburg. Master degree.


• 2019 Every stone is storyteller; multimedia installation; Arts Itoya, Takeo, Saga, Japan.
• 2017 Untitled experiment with no image, NEVERNEVERLAND (De Punt), Amsterdam.
• 2010 photo series “Amsterdam in details” City Celebrity, Kaliningrad, Russia.


• 2020 Wisdom in Silence, photo installation. Prospects&Concepts, Art Rotterdam.
• 2019 Co-incide: Image meets Sound, a/v performance in collab. w/Kateryna Snizhko, Ira Melkonyan, UNSEEN, Amsterdam.
• 2019 Portable homelands. Collaboration w/L. Matyunina, video, photo collage; Artist's home exhibition, Amsterdam.
• 2019 Alma di Isla, a/v installation. 'Mitico' at Ateliers'89, Oranjestad, Aruba.
• 2018 "About 761 miles per hour", Baltic sonic experience, soundscape presentation, listening session at MixTree, Amsterdam.
• 2018 "w serves imperialism", Untitled experiment with no image, screening, W139, Amsterdam.
• 2017 Ongon: Journey to Buryatia, video installation, happylucky no.1, New York.
• 2017 Dadaclub.online. The Link Art Center, Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia, Italy.
• 2016 Ongon: Journey to Buryatia, video installation, CCI Fabrika, Moscow.
• 2016 "Gym of Obsolete Technology", video installation, W139, Amsterdam.
• 2016 Object NG-2013-19, screening at Rijksmuseum. Part of the "Seventeen Playgrounds" by D. Kollarova/A.van Lingen.
• 2015 Monthly Payment, alternative exhibition project, video work, Amsterdam.
• 2015 Prirodovedenie (Nature Study), photo/video, ArtVorota, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2015 Show want you want show, Platform Platvorm, Bart invites, Amsterdam.
• 2015 Imaginary Friends, Facebook reading, group performance, Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam.
• 2014 "Flash Expo" by Stichting Amsterdam Photo, photo installation, Cultuurhuis Diamantslijperij, Amsterdam.
• 2014 Graduation show, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.
• 2014 Self-flow, photo installation, OpenBorder photography festival, St.Jozef kerk, Amsterdam.
• 2014 Swing, object/installation, My Joy, ArtGeneva, Geneva, Switzerland.
• 2013 Adaptation, site specific participatory installation, No Land's Men, De Punt, Amsterdam.
• 2013 Cultural exchange, Holland-Russia, art space "Chetvert", St. Petersburg.
• 2013 "Untersicht" group show, site specific photo installation in HFBK, Hamburg.
• 2013 Installation for SOTU festival, Amsterdam.
• 2012 "White cube" Ukrop group performance, Kunstvlaai,festival of independents, Amsterdam.
• 2012 "Static Electricity" Ukrop group show, curator/artist, deSlang, Amsterdam.
• 2012 "Collect up", sculpture/installation, HENK art&music festival, Amsterdam.
• 2012 "Game", performance, Fraskati theater, Amsterdam.
• 2012 “Peaceful Aggression”, photographic posters, Open Atelier Jordaan, Amsterdam.
• 2011 Art Labyrinth UKROP, open-air gallery, curator, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2011 “Limitation within Opportunities”, Ukrop exhibition, Amsterdam.
• 2011 “Types in space”, typographic show at P/////ACT, Amsterdam.
• 2011 “Identity”, Ukrop exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania.
• 2011 “Kombinacje”, Ukrop exhibition, Amsterdam.
• 2010 “Amber c*ck”, festival of actual art, curator, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2010 “Synthesis”, noise festival, installation, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 City One Minute (Amsterdam) workshop, “Notning just rain” video, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 “Life” festival, photo series, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 Minimal art festival, installation (objects), curator, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 “Amber Chamber” art & music festival, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 International photo workshop, photo series, Torun, Poland.
• 2009 “World day of cotton wool”, photo series, CS Alternative, Kaliningrad, Russia.
• 2009 “I am protesting”, photo series “Subcultures”, Kaliningrad, Russia.


• 2017 Fluidity. Collage triptych. Parking Lot #3. http://parking-lot.net
• 2015 Vita Contemplativa. Photo diptych. Platform Platvorm. http://platformplatvorm.nl


• 2017 Cassis art residency, France
• 2018 Nida art colony / work retreat, Lithuania
• 2019 Ateliers'89, Oranjestad, Aruba
• 2019 Arts Itoya, Takeo, Japan
• 2019 Audiotalaia sound art camp, Ilzarbe, Spain

• 2020 Field Kitchen Academy, Wüsten Buchholz, Germany


• 2017 AFK Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Untitled experiment with no image, solo exhibition at Neverneverland, Amstedam.

• 2018-2019 Mondriaan Young Talent


UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation (Sandberg Instituut) organize workshops all over the globe to give youngsters between the ages of 12 - 21 a chance to create their own one minute videos. www.theoneminutesjr.org
Countries visited, filmed and worked in:
- Dobropillia, Ukraine. March, 2017
- Severodonetsk, Ukraine. April, 2017
- Volnovakha, Ukraine. June, 2017


• 2015 Collage tournament and collective abstractionism, organizer, 4bid gallery, OT301, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• 2014 Art and landscape architecture, participant, Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey

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